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November's birthstone is Citrine.  Besides it's beauty, there are many great benefits from this unique stone.  Citrine is the stunning transparent, pale yellow to red-orange, to orange-yellow, to brownish orange variety of crystalline quartz. Many believed it was a gift from the sun which gives us a warm color to brighten up our mood. Though it’s not rare, most women value its impressive earth-toned color appearance which makes it more precious and brilliant. It's color changes from time to time depending on how you expose it. Citrine has positive characteristics when aiding the physical self and has an important role in valuing the spiritual self as well. It awakens and expands the higher mind, especially conscious awareness.


Citrine Meaning

Citrine came from the Latin word “citrina” because of its clarity and pale citrus color. It is said to be a “Sun Stone” which keeps the sunlight and gains energy from it. For French word, it came from the word “citron” which means lemon. That identifies its autumn hues from light yellow to bright orange. 



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